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FIA certification
Thanks to the experience in the field of safety of racing cars, we can offer FIA tests simulation service.
progettazione dinamica veicolo

The designed chassis could be carried out by ETA which will follow the manufacturing process. In that case a proper chassis test rig of our laboratory will allow the client to carry out physical tests on the chassis prototype. It’s also possible to carry out FIA static type approval tests.

The chassis test rigs are a very adaptable machinery which allow us to carry out static stiffness tests and reliability runs on components, subsystems and chassis of vehicles but also on any other device of which we want to know the resistance. Thanks to its modularity, it can be used for the characterization of any component.

At the moment the chassis rig can be prepared in a short time to carry out the set of static type approval tests provided for by FIA regulations for any class. In detail we can carry out:

01. Front roll bar static test;

02. Rear roll bar static test;

03. Lateral static test on the survival cell;

04.Lateral static safety crash box attachment test.

progettazione dinamica veicolo
progettazione dinamica veicolo

The laboratory also designs and carries out in a short time the interfaces required for the tests on any chassis.

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