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Virtual Assembly
The virtual assembly shows us in advance what will be carried out after the production of the different parts so that a feasibility verification is immediately possible.
It is analysed how the different options at our disposal have repercussions on structure, weight and performance of vehicles.
progettazione dinamica veicolo
The use of associative/relational CAD enlarges versatility and speed of adaptation of the design to the new requirements.
In this way the design will be personalized, quick and efficient.

Each single subassembly is worked out and optimized making use of CAE/CAD integrated system.

assemblaggio virtuale

3D CAD model which has to be optimized is carried out from the initial layout.

progettazione dinamica veicolo
progettazione dinamica veicolo

As final step, detailed production drawings are carried out after the definition of parts and the whole assembly.

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