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comany We are a research and engineering company that is able to design cars ranging from race cars to for the road models, this from the blank sheet of paper to the building of a prototype.

The automotive divisions are:
  • style and design
  • aerodynamics
  • vehicle dynamics
  • car tests

and they can be called to work for a construction job order each as single division or all together as a whole.

There are active divisions operating in the sectors of :

  • advanced mechanics
  • energy efficiency 

So structured ETA can satisfy job orders that cover the design and/or research for the car building sector and similar fields, this with a key in hand formula and a very hands on approach to the job, checking closely on all possible variable which could play a role in the good deliver of the commissioned end product.


Our activities starter in 1987 as a test and certification release facility. The experience we matured in these first years of activity have allowed us to mature the expertise for the commission to deliver jobs with a key in hand formula, this form a design stage to the end product.

To meet these new demands at the end the 1990s the analysis and numeric simulation divisions as well as the equipment of the test facilities were updated and further developed. A recognition of good work practise arrived in 2005 when we were accredited by the MIUR (Ministry of Higher Education and Research).

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